PETROSHAH have agency from this respectable company beside one of the biggest company.

logoXINJIANG BEIKEN is one of the biggest drilling contractor in china they have around 30 Rigs (750 HP - 1000 HP - 1500 HP- 2000 HP) as i knew in our last visit to CHINA they have 1500 HP Rig in IRAN.

- BEIKEN has a big factory producing mud chemicals.

- BEIKEN have one of the best directional well service team in CHINA specialist in ( SAGD technology - technology for 3D barrierbypassing wells - technology for cluster wells).

- BEIKEN have a biggest cement engineering services (including cement big troop of cement units and cement cylos).

- BEIKEN have a biggest well testing )production testing engineering ).

- BEIKEN have a down hole operation project department ( fluid- phase underbalanced drilling - underbalanced drilling such as air drilling and nitrogen drilling - automated well control - etch ).


- BEIKEN has mud technical services.

- BEIKEN has petroleum machinery manufacturing beside all the above they manufacture PDC BITS , also they have machine shops for building mud systems

- JINCHENG PETROLEUM MACHINERY ] which producing Rig Pumps , Swivels , Rotary Tables , Substructures , Derricks , Draw works, and all the heavy duty RIGS ( 550 HP - 750 HP - 1000 HP -1500 HP - 2000 HP - 2500 HP - 3000 HP ).